“Artistic décor, style and fashion…
…Through our Italian philosophy, we are pretty sure we can invoke some emotion and make your walls breath a new life.”

Company Profile

It is an everlasting art of inspiration and fashion… Decoremania is a leading company in the decorative paints and coatings market. The company was founded in 1997 by its managing director Elena Stefanetti. Decoremania has a strong market presence in Lebanon and a vision to expand to various countries thanks to a sophisticated sales network and a system of distribution ran by specialists.

Decoremania makes use of high-quality remarkable and innovative paints while respecting the environment.The current production range includes multicolor paints and coats, water-based paints with special effects, mineral-based plasters and coatings for the creation of antique effects, coatings, stencils, wall papers, tinner etc....

Why Choose Us?

Not only because our products are artistically based on Italian decorative styles, but they are all heavily tested, passing through various levels and types of experiments by the best chemical labs in Italy. That guarantees that we pass on only the highest quality products, totally are free from poisons and toxic materials.

Decoremania’s philosophy guarantees the reliability of all products, since we make use of the best raw materials available in the industry, the competitiveness of our prices, but never compromising on the quality of our products, and a customer service that keeps our clients satisfied and makes us leap from the rest.

We work closely with our partners in Italy and other European countries to bring you the most stylistic, fashionable and highest durable decorative paintings on the market.

Contact Information

Decoremania - Italian Fashion Art

Mobile: (Italy) +39-349-0083160
               (Gulf) +971-50-2988899
             (ME Area Manager) +961-3-205846

Email: info@decoremania.com

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Landscapes+ more

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Exterior Paints+ more

A wide range of Italian exterior decorative paints that will define and style your exterior walls that will shape a new personality for your property’s outside representation.

Our exterior paints will satisfy a lot of preferences and tastes. Home owners have a wide choice of elegantly touched exterior paints that will suit various residence styles. No need to worry about weather conditions, as all our paints are tested for humidity, durability and weather resistance by well know Italian chemical laboratories.

With our professional and highly experienced applicators, you can be rest assured that you will be getting a fashionable stylish exterior that will leave your neighborhood jealous and amazed by how appealing decorative paints are when gracing your property’s exterior.

Interior Paints+ more

Nice interiors are not about using various colors in different rooms or compartments or coming with crazy ideas that will alter the style of your other decorations and furniture. Let us at Decoremania take you on a journey of emotion, style using decorative paints that have the DNA of fashion built in its chemical components. You dream of your fantasy home and we will deliver décor artifacts not just brilliantly painted walls.

The house and office you have always imagined can finally become real thanks to the premium interior paints we use. Starting from your doors running all through your interiors, we will make sure that every touch of paint suits your preference, taste and be sure to give every section of your property a certain style that will seamlessly blend with your furniture and other property decorations.

Floor Resin+ more

Retail and home owners are both very familiar with our decorative floor resin. Our contemporary and smooth floor designs are striking, pleasing to the eye, yet hard-wearing, easy to maintain and durable.

We offer a wide range of industrial floor resin well suited for those who demand precise requirements to transform their underfoot environments whether for homes, retail or business offices. Poured floors are highly demanded for kitchen, bedroom and other residential floors as they are highly durable, water resistant, and very easy to clean. Customers as well as designers are excited for what resin floor systems we can offer. Whether you want to create a superb first impression at a house entrance or a hotel lobby, our floor resin provides you with a comfortable and acoustic underfoot experience.

We have a wide selection of individually selected premium quality wallpapers, which are imported by our professional décor designers. Our range of interior wallpapers includes various styles that suit the preference and tastes of our clients. Our fashionable and redefining wallpapers come in various models and colours. These eye pleasing wallpapers are in high demand as they satisfy classical and modern tastes. Kids can of course enjoy having nice wallpapers in their rooms to install a playful and a relaxing atmosphere.

Classic+ more

At Decoremania you will find a wide selection of classic wallpapers and wallpaper designs. Our classic wallpapers will create an everlasting appeal and great impression on the walls of any home. The classic wallpapers market has been flourishing as of late and you will amazed by the numerous products we have on offer. Our Classic wallpapers are famous for their high durability, great resistance to wear and tear, and elegantly designed patterns and perfect finishes.

Modern+ more

We provide many modern styled wallpapers and contemporary designs for many brands imported from various European countries, to keep updated with the latest home trends. All our modern wallpapers are designed by highly professional and experienced craftsmen and artisans, to turn your livings areas into artistic decorative pieces of art. We use of a mix of achromatic colours such as white, black, grey to create colour contrast and various brightness levels. Green and blue are heavily used to create a glimpse and feel of our modern day age. White high technique images mixed with achromatic colours are used to express metropolitan style images and design styles.

Kids+ more

Our very easy to wash and hygienic kids’ wallpapers are a perfect addition to your children’s bedroom and play area space. Characterized by vibrant colours and fancy shapes and patterns, they transform the surfaces into well designed and stylish décor elements. Decorating your kids’ room with our brilliantly designed wallpapers infuses the sense of happiness and tranquillity around your children.

Application Training

Join our team of applicators and experienced painters at Decoremania to learn the secrets and techniques of paint application and understand how decisions on which color schemes and textures are used in different rooms are taken.

We will show you how to apply more than one type of finishing depending on the style of your featured wall and property aesthetics. We will help you make the right choices with your interior paints and selecting the right color combinations and shades that will turn your paint ventures into true masterpieces.

Our application training covers the whole product range at Decoremania. It is our goal to aid you in achieving a high level of understanding of different color schemes and combinations, texture, styles and how to refine your painting skills and techniques.


Seeking advice on what color schemes and decorative designs to choose for your home or business? Our consultancy service will make it easier for you when you plan your property’s next redecoration and paintjob or when moving in into a new property, at the comfort of your own home or business.

Our trained and professional consultants will contact you and discuss color schemes, patterns and any idea you wish to implement in your property. After assessing the spacing, lighting and other factors shaping your rooms’ decorative elements, our consultants will provide with an audit with all decorative advice that will transform your property into to the relaxed home or business you have imagined.

After our specialists conclude the consultation, you will be handed a written specification of colors, patterns, finishes and textures. Also included will be advice for wallpaper designs that will also confine with your initial requirements.

Isolation Works

At Decoremania, we want to make sure that your interiors and wall paints are all well protected from damaging factors such weather, water, humidity and dust. We perform isolation works that guarantee that no cracks, tear and wear, or deterioration of paint will affect any of your interiors, so that you can continue to enjoy the beauty of your decorations.

Physical Isolation coats between the finished painting and the varnish are introduced to separate the paint from the varnish otherwise your varnish will get stuck to the paint and it will be very hard and cost a lot to remove it. Varnish is crucial as it acts as a dust collector for your painted walls, also depending on the environment you are living in. Varnish could replaced every 5 to 10 years.